Cyle Gage

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I build a lot of stuff for the web, from idea to live in production and then scaling. My primary role has been within all layers of the stack, whether it's building interactive frontends, orchestrating systems architecture, deploying video streaming solutions, writing extensive documentation, or implementing backend services like system monitoring and resource provisioning at scale.

The vast majority of the projects I've built are open source. Please check em out at and Some things that are big and proprietary and currently closed-source include Median, Open Calls, Emerson IT's website, and Emerson's Account tools

I'm well versed in Javascript (client-side and server-side), PHP (since 4.0), Ruby, Actionscript, SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, SQLite), NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, Riak), nginx/lighttpd/Apache, Go, LDAP, Nagios/Statsd, HTML/CSS, video/audio for the web, and cinematography.

I've managed diverse server environments using VMWare vSphere, Xen, AWS, Linode, Docker, running primarily Debian- or Windows-based servers. I've written dozens of tools to automate, administer, maintain, and just plain old problem-solve, both on the friendly consumer side and the tech-focused sysadmin side.

about me

I aim to be the T-shaped worker, with a broad confidence in my general technology skills, with strong specialization in a few key areas that interest me.

I like to write my code by hand rather than rely on generators/scaffolding. I also want to write how to do something at least once myself before I rely on someone else's library.

I want my code to be clear, lean, and clean, rather than bloated with modules and unnecessary abstraction. I like getting something up and running through rapid prototyping and worrying about scaling and optimization later.

I prefer well-documented API-driven design over tightly coupling services together, even at the cost of some performance.

When a service that I use shuts down, I build my own. When a service is a great idea but I'd like it to perform differently, I build my own. I build interfaces that work well before I build interfaces that look pretty.

I spend time building culture rather than relying on process, with a strong sense of team cohesion through shared goals, experiences, and game playing. I like Slack, standing meetings, and trying out ideas as they come while just as quickly throwing away the ones that fail.

education / work

Emerson College, Class of 2009, received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual and Media Arts, New Media concentration. Worked at Emerson College as a student web developer while earning my BFA.

Systems Developer / Architect at Emerson College Information Technology (Boston campus), 2009-Present.

Studio/Development Intern at the Barbarian Group, 2008


Feel free to email me at with any questions, requests, or other info. Or for fun, it's cool.